Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer

Filing for divorce is one of the most important decisions of your lifetime. The person partnering with you to process the divorce needs to be one you trust and have complete confidence in from day one. Before you hire anyone to do this for you, there are some questions to ask a divorce lawyer to get an idea of what they can (and will) do for you.

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The Most Important Answers You Need from a Divorce Attorney

No matter the research you do online about divorce and the laws of the state, every situation is different and requires careful attention to the details. The following are some of the key questions you should ask a divorce attorney before you decide to work with them.

How Many Divorce Cases Have You Handled?

Not only do you want to know the number of cases they handled, but what happened to them. For example, how often do they end up in court, and how much more common is an out-of-court settlement reached? Look for an attorney with a good track record of settling out of court to save yourself money and the hassle.

Will You Work as My Spouse’s Attorney?

It is rarely advisable to pursue a collaborative divorce, which means that two spouses use the same attorney to resolve the marriage. It is possible in situations where there are no disputes, but what is critically necessary is to ensure that your rights will be protected and that the attorney can treat your case with the same attention if there are disagreements.

What is Your Reputation in the Local Court System?

You want a divorce attorney who is recognized in the court system as being fair, honest, and competitive. Ultimately, you do not want to suffer from an attorney’s poor reputation or past mistakes with a specific judge. Be sure they have a positive level of experience to bring to the table.

What Type of Experience Do You Have With More Complex Financial Matters?

Many of the cases an attorney files may have very simple financial structures and division of property. For others who have more complex situations with multiple investments, businesses, and various other assets, it is critical to have an attorney who understands how to protect your assets from divorce risks.

Do You Handle My Case Personally? 

It is not uncommon for some work to be done by staff in the office, but you want to be sure that there is going to be an attorney there to help and guide you on a personal level. Since the divorce process in California typically takes at least six months, you want to be sure you have a specific party to talk to when there are questions or concerns.

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