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Los Angeles Spousal Support Lawyer

When a married couple in California decides to divorce, the court may order one spouse to pay spousal support, also referred to as alimony. The purpose of spousal support is to equalize the standard of living for both spouses so that both can maintain a similar lifestyle to what they had during the marriage. An experienced spousal support attorney can help ensure the best possible outcome got you and your family. The amount of spousal support and the length of time it will be paid depends on several factors, including the couple’s incomes and standard of living during the marriage, each person’s ability to earn income after the divorce, and the age and health of both spouses. If you need help with anything related to spousal support, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys are ready to assist you with your case. Call (310) 694-9533 to schedule a free consultation.

Two Types of Spousal Support

In general, there are two types of spousal support in California: temporary and long-term. Temporary spousal support is ordered by the court during the divorce process and lasts only until the divorce is final. Long-term spousal support is ordered after the divorce is final and lasts for an indefinite period of time.

How is Spousal Support Determined?

The amount and duration of spousal support payments are determined on a case-by-case basis and will vary depending on the specifics of each individual divorce. However, there are guidelines and certain factors that courts will consider when making a determination, including:

  • The duration of the marriage;
  • The ages and health of both spouses;
  • Each spouse’s earning capacity/potential earnings;
  • Whether one spouse contributed to the other spouse’s education or training;
  • The couple’s standard of living during marriage;
  • The custodial arrangement for any minor children; and
  • Anything else the court deems just and equitable.

This is not an exhaustive list, so always speak with an experienced attorney for assistance.

How Long Does Spousal Support Last in California?

The answer to this question depends on many factors and is not always simple. One of the primary factors that determine how long spousal support will last in California is the duration of the marriage. There are two different categories of marriages in California when it comes to determining spousal support: marriages of less than 10 years and marriages of 10 years or more.

For marriages of less than 10 years, courts usually presume that spousal support should not last longer than half the length of the marriage. So, if you were married for four years, the court would typically order spousal support for no more than two years.

For marriages of 10 years or more, there is no presumption as to how long spousal support should last. Instead, courts have discretion to order spousal support for an indefinite period of time, based on all the relevant circumstances in each case.

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