Family Law Overview

“Family Law” covers legal matters falling under the jurisdiction of the family court. In California, this includes proceedings for dissolution of marriage (divorce) or domestic partnership, legal separation, domestic violence restraining orders, and proceedings involving child custody, child support, and spousal support (alimony).

Whether you are going through a divorce or legal separation or seeking to resolve matters involving child custody and child support, you are dealing with the most important aspects of life: family and finances. When faced with such issues, you need a family law attorney who is knowledgeable, compassionate, and tough.

Whether you need help negotiating a settlement or are ready to take your case to trial, we can provide you with the guidance and support you need. At Martin Family Law Group, our family law attorneys are ready to help you protect your rights and interest. Contact (310) 694-9533 today to learn more about our services.

How Our Family Law Attorneys Can Assist Your Case

At the Martin Family Law Group, we believe that stellar legal representation involves not only delivering positive results but also reducing client anxiety during the legal process. To that end, we are committed to providing highly skilled legal representation while working closely with our clients to minimize stress.

Our legal team is experienced in handling both routine and complex family law matters and will guide you through the complexity of the legal process while delivering peace of mind, and positive results. While keeping the cost of litigation in mind, we strive to develop the best legal strategy to achieve your goals without overextending costs.

Because each family is unique, our legal team is committed to giving each case the individual attention and tailored experience that our clients deserve. Whether you are a divorcing or unwed parent concerned about your parental rights and responsibilities, a couple eager to work collaboratively to resolve your divorce, or a spouse preparing for a high-conflict or financially complex divorce, our qualified family law team is here to help

Important Things to Know About California Family Law

If you are considering a family law attorney, it is important to understand the basics of family law to make an informed decision.

California is a Community Property State

In community property states, all assets and debts acquired during the marriage belong to both spouses. This includes income from wages or investments, as well as property such as homes, cars, furniture, and retirement accounts.

Debts incurred during the marriage—such as credit card debt or a mortgage—are also considered to be joint debts. In a divorce, these debts will be divided between the two spouses in a way that is fair and equitable. However, it is worth noting that not all debts are created equal. For example, some courts may find that one spouse is primarily responsible for credit card debt incurred during the marriage while the other spouse is primarily responsible for the mortgage.

It is also important to note that some assets may be exempt from division in a community property state. For example, gifts or inheritances received by one spouse during the marriage may be considered separate property and therefore not subject to division in a divorce. However, if these gifts or inheritances have been commingled with other marital assets—such as being used to purchase a home or invest in a joint business venture—they may lose their exempt status and become subject to division in a divorce.

Best Interests of the Child

Child custody arrangements in California are based on the best interests of the child. The court will consider factors like the child’s age, health, and relationships with each parent when making a custody determination. This process can be difficult and our Los Angeles child custody attorneys can help assist you with your case.

Spousal Support

Alimony, or spousal support, is sometimes awarded in California divorce cases. The amount and duration of alimony payments are based on factors like each spouse’s income and earning potential, the standard of living established during the marriage, and the length of the marriage. Alimony may be awarded on a temporary basis during divorce proceedings or on a permanent basis after the divorce is final.

Why You Should Hire Martin Family Law Group

No matter what type of family law issue you’re facing, it’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side who can guide you through the process and ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way. At Martin Family Law Group, we:

  • Will provide you with an honest evaluation of your case so you know what to expect.
  • Have a proven track record of success in handling all types of family law cases.
  • Will always make it our main goal to deliver the best results.

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