First Offense Domestic Violence Charge 

Domestic violence charges should always be taken seriously. Many people suffer each day from aggressive treatment that puts them in harm’s way. Many others are accused of crimes they did not commit. As your attorney, we aim to provide you with the information you need to know what your next step is. As a domestic violence attorney, our team at Martin Family Law Group can help you understand what a first-offense domestic violence charge is.

A First-Time Charge Is Serious

If a person is charged with domestic violence, the police will work the case with the same effort as someone who has committed the crime numerous times. However, it can be hard for families to know what to expect when a first-time arrestee is faced with charges.

Determining if an Injury Occurred

One of the first components of defining what occurs next is to determine if the person has suffered any injuries from the victim. A felony charge can be levied against a party for even a minor injury that leaves a visible mark on the party. If there are no visible marks left on the victim, there are other strategies that can be employed, including the charge of domestic battery. This applies in situations where there is no actual injury to the physical body but may include any offensive, non-consensual touching or any matter related to violence.

What Are the Penalties for First Offense Domestic Violence Charges?

Many times, a first offense carries a lower level of consequences than a person who has engaged in these actions multiple times. However, a first-offense domestic violence conviction will mean some significant losses.

In situations where there are minor injuries or no injuries at all, this may lead to probation, which typically requires a 52-week domestic violence counseling course, fines of up to $500, and other conditions.

In some situations, a first offense may also warrant the issuing of a protective order. This limits the person’s ability to come into contact with the victim. If they violate the order, they could be charged with a crime as well.

Most of the time, a first offense charge does not include long-term incarceration in domestic battery cases. Ultimately, the court will determine if a person has caused another harm and the extensiveness of that. In situations that are a felony, jail time and higher fines may be likely.

The Importance of Protecting Your Rights

If you are facing domestic violence in your home, seek out immediate help and do not wait to do so. You should consider hiring a domestic violence attorney in Los Angeles if you are unsure of what could occur.

Our attorneys at The Martin Family Law Group will help you to learn what your next step is as well as what to expect from the specific situation you are facing in a first-offense domestic violence charge. We are happy to offer you a free consultation to discuss your case and to get the support you need throughout this legal matter.